How You Can Make My Sex Life More Exciting

I feel like writing my boyfriend a top ten list on how he can make my sex life more exciting. There is not really that much wrong with it, but at the end of the day, there is room for improvement. I know that we often pass each other like ships in the night. When I come home from London escorts, he is asleep as he needs to be up early in the morning. The only time we can get together to have some fun is during the weekend. Like most other elite London escorts, I don’t normally work during the weekend.

Timing is crucial. I know that we don’t have that much time on our hands, but I hate it when my boyfriend wants to rush stuff. I rather he took his time so that we could relax a bit more before all of the serious fun start, but I guess that is easier said than done. He has not really had the time to see much of me during the week, and when the weekend comes around, we are both a bit over excited. It would help if I could leave London escorts a bit earlier during the week, but the week is the busiest time at the escorts in London agency that I work for at the moment.

What happened to the art of seduction? I do wish that he would seduce instead of just chucking me on the bed trying to rip my clothes off. Get me a glass of wine, give me a shoulder massage and start kissing my neck. Once Friday night comes around, I realise that I am often starved of affection, in desperate need to have some good sex, but the lead up is important to me. The fact is that even London escorts like to be seduced. It is a complete turn on, and I love it.

I am not the only girl at London escorts to feel this way. The relationship issue is huge for most girls at London escorts, and having a decent relationship can be challenging. Sure, I would like to take more time off from London escorts to spend with my boyfriend, but I know that I would lose most of my London escorts regulars. That would mean losing part of my income, and I am not really prepared to do that. You only have a limited time to shine as a London escort.

Getting out of town helps. When I have an extra day off from London escorts, we often get out of town, find a nice hotel and just stay in the room. I may even bring some sex toys and set the scene a little bit for our weekend away. Sometimes you just have to get a little bit more adventurous, and doing so can have a huge effect on your sex life. I love our dirty weekends away, and there is nothing like coming back to London with a really healthy glow on your cheeks. Which cheeks I am not going to tell you, I think I will leave that up to your imagination.

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