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You can go out and buy all sorts of supplements to try to improve your sex life. It can cost you a small fortune, and not all supplements are that good anyway. It would help if you were careful when it comes to supplements, as some of them can have harmful effects. Take Horny Goat weed, for instance – it is associated with skin allergies. What if the solution can be found in your kitchen cupboards instead? Even though I am very busy with my work for the London escort agency, I have not given up on my cooking. I love to cook for my gentlemen at London escorts, and I know how to do so to achieve a specific effect.


Did you know that ginger is a bit of a horny spice? Ginger is associated with increased blood flow, and can undoubtedly help you to maintain a better erection. I do think that many London escorts gentlemen spend a fortune on stuff like viagra when they could just be eating better to improve their sexual health. Adding a bit of ginger to your daily diet can do wonders for you, and I have been able to persuade a couple of gents at London escorts to try at least.


Then we have pepper. Did you know that chili is associated with building heat up in the body, and make you hornier? Of course, there are different types of peppers, and the one I recommend to everybody in London escorts is cayenne pepper. You don’t need to use a lot of it to be effective. A little bit goes a long way, and you can find cayenne peppers in all sorts of foods these days. Add it to your salmon, and you will get a tasty meal that can potentially turn you on at the same time. It is also a gentle spice, and the girls at London escorts from who have tried it say that it has worked for them.


Chili is a sort of part of the pepper family, and it is one of those spices which has a lot of potentials when mixed with others. Try to mix it with cumin, and you will soon feel that your blood pressure is going up. Does it make you horny? The combination of the two spices allows your blood to flow faster and can help a great deal when it comes to maintaining an erection. Some of the girls here at London escorts say that the combination makes them tingle all over.


A ubiquitous kitchen spice is a cinnamon. It can add to both slices of meat and bread. Did you know that it makes you more sensitive to touch? If you add it to your daily diet, you will quickly notice that it makes your skin tingle much more when someone reaches you. I love it, and it is one of my favorite spices. Of course, if you are into playing with food like so many of the girls at London escorts, you have to be careful where you place your spicy items. You do not want to damage any of the more delicate body parts now, do you?

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