A perfect silky thong

I have a passion for buying lingerie, and I sometimes find myself wondering where porn stars buy their underwear. My favorite piece of sexy clothing is hold up stockings, and I go through quite a few of them. The other day I was shopping around New Cross with some of my friends who work as New Cross escorts, and we came across this excellent lingerie shop. It sold anything from a perfect silky thong to sexy PVC gear. I found myself wondering if this is where porn stars shops.

Lingerie and even more lingerie

Most of my New Cross escorts friends from https://charlotteaction.org/new-cross-escorts are as lingerie mad as I am, and we spend hours buying lingerie when we are together. Not only do we cruise around the shops in New Cross, but you are just as like to find myself and my faithful New Cross escorts friends, surfing the Internet looking for sexy lingerie. However, at the moment, there seem to be precious few sexy designs available, and I wonder what has happened to all of the sexy gear.

Lack of Sexy knickers

On a recent visit to Las Vegas, I noticed that many local lingerie shops seemed to be suffering as well. There is a return to the prime and proper in the United States, so porn stars probably do their shopping here neither. Some of my New Cross escorts friends had asked me to buy something sexy for them if I could find it, but me afraid to say that I had to let most of my New Cross escorts friends town. Even Las Vegas, Sin City itself, seems to be lacking in sexy knickers.

Wardrobe Update

The problem is my lingerie wardrobe still needs updating, and I know that many New Cross escorts feel the same way. Then it all of a sudden hit me. I would contact a few studios to see if they could give me any advice. The response rate was pretty reduced but a few did come back to me. It seems that many porn stars actually have their lines and may even design their lingerie. That was a bit of blow for myself and the New Cross escorts, but we decided to check out some of the lines the porn stars designed. Yes, the edges of lingerie they look great, but many of the New Cross escorts thought the material was rubbish. A lot of the underwear was made from cheap polyester and lacked the quality look and feel of right lingerie. So, what is a girl to do? I have decided to start shopping in some of the better lingerie stores in New Cross. My New Cross escorts friends don’t always have the time to come up to town, so they have decided to try their luck online. I keep wondering how difficult it is to start your line of lingerie, and I wonder if I could come up with a few good designs and turn them into reality.

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